MW seminar, day 7, Austria trip, final day!

I just fired up my iPod to shuffle for the first time in over a week, and what does it play, but Beatles “It’s been a hard days night.”  This is probably the perfect song for ending this trip.

It has been a hard days night, for a WEEK!  And I have been working like a dog, I really feel like I just did a decathlon.  I’ve learned so much, realized I have lots more to learn.  And tomorrow I go home.  

Enough with the Beatles.  Today has been AMAZING!!!!!

First thing we did this morning was all check out and head back to Vienna.  We went to Palais Coburg for a tasting of Riesling and Gruner Veltliner from other areas in Austria we didn’t visit.  The speakers were good and the line up of wines was overall very good.  There was one flight that either people loved or hated.

We ended we a tasting of old wine.  We got a 1976 Pommard, Burgundy, 1982 Barolo, 1982 Pauillac, Bordeaux and 1982 Groth, Napa Cabernet.  The Burgundy was a bit tired, the Barolo and Bordeaux were beautiful and the Groth showed well.  But four old vintages!  Nice way to end the program.

After most of the people left to catch flights rest of us went on a long tour of the cellars at Palais Coburg.  They have 6 or 8 different cellars.  Each more beautiful than the next.

A group of us than headed to the city center.  I ran to my hotel to drop off my bags, than met up with the group for beer and sandwiches (yes, beer, it was time for a change). 

The second group headed to the airport, so I headed back to the hotel to crash.  I needed to rest up before the opera tonight!  

A quick dinner of Wiener Schnitzel than off to the opera.  The Vienna State Opera presented Mozart’s “The Magic Flute”.  It was a religious experience.  Loved it!  The staging was modern, the orchestra and voices perfect, and the opera house just puts the entire experience over the top.

This has really been a great week.  I’m a bit misty eyed thinking about how great of a week it was and how good I feel about everything.  Remember, my idea of a successful week was not being in the fetal position crying every night and I never got close to that.

Now for more random thoughts:
Best quote — “We have a lovely veggie fish for you tonight.” Said to the Indian lady from a server this week.  I don’t think rural Austrians understand what vegetarian means.

Best strudel — Cabbage and bacon!  Yes, this beat the apple strudel.

Number of Bollinger magnums we drank — 6, yes folks, last night before dinner our group drank 6 Bollinger magnums.  Than polished off over 60 bottles of wine. 

We were all asked to bring a bottle of wine for the Gala dinner last night.  I had wine from Sweden, South Africa, China, Romania, US, Japan, Czech, and all the traditional wine producing places.  

Days since I’ve turned on a TV or looked at the news — 9

Now to attempt to get all my crap to fit in my bags and not go over the weight limit since I have an extra carry on I have to bring home.  We were each given a set of 12 Riedel Overture glasses.  Great gift!  Getting them home in one piece will be the challenge.

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  1. Mary says:

    Dave is envious of you. He wants your life, I think I lost him at Bollinger magnums.

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